Two New Motion Posters For The Defenders Find Luke Cage And Jessica Jones Exploring NYC


Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and her former flame Luke Cage (Mike Colter) explore the neon-drenched streets of NYC in two new motion posters for The Defenders.

Similar to those kinetic promos that debuted earlier in the week, each Tweet pushes Jessica Jones and Colter’s Hero for Hire toward their fellow Defenders. Luke Cage, for instance, can be seen moseying around the front of Josie’s bar, a dive that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil often frequents with long-time allies Foggy and Karen Page. Meanwhile, Krysten Ritter’s troublemaker – a borderline-alcoholic with a superhero problem – swings by Pop’s Barber Shop, which looks to have been restored to its former glory following the explosive showdown between Luke Cage and Diamondback late last year. Perhaps Luke helped put things back together after breaking out of Seagate? Or perhaps Simone Missick’s Misty Knight had a hand in its restoration? Time will tell.

Per Twitter:

Playing to the show’s main strength – that is, the potential chemistry simmering between its four primary leads – all of these Tweets poke fun at The Defenders and their many idiosyncrasies, and we can surely expect plenty more to emerge between now and the show’s premiere in a few months’ time.

Comprised of eight episodes in total, The Defenders is booked in for a debut on August 18th. Marvel and Netflix’s small-screen universe continues to grow and evolve at a brisk clip, too, what with Jessica Jones season 2 already filming in the Big Apple, and it seems Luke Cage‘s sophomore run won’t be too far behind. Regardless of when Mike Colter’s Power Man will be back in front of the cameras, fans can rest assured that Shades (Theo Rossi) will be joining him.