Valve Partners With Adult Swim For UpcomingTeam Fortress 2 Project

Photo credit to Adult Swim

Video game developer Valve and TV network Adult Swim are plotting something. We aren’t sure what it is, but all signs point to a surprise that will be showcasing the quality snark and signature humour we’ve come to expect from both companies.

On Adult Swim’s website, a promo page featuring the Team Fortress 2 cast announces that next week they’ll unveil “how their [Valve’s] video game peanut butter will be getting in our network’s chocolate.” Below the absurd albeit delicious declaration, the page documents usage of hashtags #adultswim and #teamfortress.

Already, Twitter users and TF2 fans have speculated possible projects. Valve, known for its critically acclaimed Half-Life and Portal series’, has been running a Team Fortress 2 Alternate Reality Game (ARG). While some believe there may be a tie-in, others are keener on a possible Team Fortress 2 animated series. IGN reports the newsletter prominently features the Pyro, which is the only class in the game not in the game’s notorious “Meet the” video profiles.

Whatever it is, the surprise has taken the internet by storm. And for the hat-loving TF2 community, their thinking caps will be hard at work until the upcoming surprise is revealed.

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