Vampire Diaries Fall TV Preview

In the realm of the supernatural TV series, death is a frequent but far from permanent state of affairs. Characters are killed and revived as a regular plot device on series such as True Blood, Supernatural and the like. The CW Network’s Vampire Diaries is no different as nearly every cast member either died or was very near death in the second season alone.

The season two finale of Vampire Diaries was relatively quiet compared to the penultimate episode which saw the death of several characters including main character Elena (Nina Dobrev). Naturally, Elena was quickly returned to the realm of the living but only with the sacrifice of the life of her bio-dad John (David Landers).

Even as death tends to be impermanent in this genre, John’s death, as well as the death of Elena’s Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning), looks about as permanent as it could on this kind of show. On the other hand, sticking around after brushes with death in the finale are Steven R. McQueen’s Jeremy, rescued from death by the love of Bonnie (Katerina Graham).

And Ian Sommerhalder’s Damon who survived a werewolf bite after his brother Stefan (Paul Wesley) sacrificed his good guy lifestyle to the evil hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and gave in fully to his thirst for blood. The season ended with Elena holding Damon while Stefan left Mystic Falls with Klaus seemingly gone bad.

What’s on tap for season three of Vampire Diaries? A reversal of fortunes. Stefan and Damon began the series hating each other with Damon being the evil one and Stefan resisting his bloodlust while romancing Elena. Now, after sacrificing his goodness to Klaus, Stefan is the bad guy brother returning to Mystic Falls to wreak havoc while Damon is the good guy and romancing Elena.

Elena’s vampire doppelganger Katherine, also played by Nina Dobrev, will be back but according to TVLine, she won’t be back right away. Fans waiting to see Caroline (Candace Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) hook up will not get what they want, entirely. Again from TVLine, the couple known as Forwood may fall into bed but full couple-hood is unlikely for now.

Joseph Morgan’s Klaus has been upgraded to series regular for season three intimating that he and Stefan’s havoc wreaking will be a continuing storyline for season three. And this dangerous duo won’t be alone. TVLine reports that a new, bad girl love interest named Bex is soon to be cast.

In its third season Vampire Diaries has established itself as a consistent ratings performer for the CW Network, taking the place of longtime standard-bearer Smallville. While it may have begun as merely an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the Twilight movies, the fans have turned Vampire Diaries into a hit in its own right, if only by the modest hit standards of the CW.

Vampire Diaries returns for its third season on Thursday, September 15th on the CW.

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