The Vampire Diaries Season 3-03 ‘The End Of The Affair’ Recap

Tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was full of answers to questions we never knew we had.

Stephen’s (Paul Wesley) past took center stage as Klaus (Joseph Morgan) brought the ripper back to his roots in Chicago. In Stephan’s memory, there were a lot of holes that Klaus was nice enough to fill in for him. Turns out the two were quite the buddies back in the day, even like brothers, but the duo had a third – Rebecca (Claire Holt).

Rebecca, Klaus’s little sister, made the decision at some point to join his side and escape the fate of their siblings. After falling in love with Stefan in the 1920s, Rebecca had a change of heart and when she decided to stay behind when it was time to leave Chicago, Klaus – or Nick, as she calls him – made a decision of his own.

Klaus is back in town looking for help from a powerful witch that he believes can help him with his hybrid army problem. The plot thickens when she informs him that the only way to contact the original witch is with something that Rebecca has. Forced to wake his little sister from her eternal slumber, more flashbacks reveal how much Stefan once knew about the originals.

A surprise call from Kathryn (Nina Dobrev) tips Damon (Ian Somerhalder) off to their location, and Damon organizes a little road trip to the windy city with Elena (also Dobrev).  Damon gives Elena a little history lesson starting with Stefan’s diary and ending with a long list of his victims that he kept in his Chicago apartment.

When Damon leaves on a fact finding mission, Elena is left alone at the apartment to read up on Stefan’s last visit to Chicago. She is nearly discovered when Klaus brings Stefan back to the apartment to remind him of the vampire he once was – fortunately, Stefan improvises and keeps her safe.

The last time we saw Caroline (Candice Accola), she was being held in a very uncomfortable looking cell by her own father, a member of Mystic Falls secret society. Her father is under the impression that he can save her by making her associate pain with blood. The only problem with this little plan is the torture part, and oh, she’s a vampire and needs blood to survive. Luckily, Tyler (Michael Trevino) shows up with her mother and rescues her from very misguided father.

Damon, unphased by the safety scare, gets Elena dolled up and heads to the bar to save Stefan – again. Elena gets Stefan alone but things don’t really go according to plan. Stefan has no intention of going back with her and urges her to leave it alone, warning her that it’s only a matter of time before Klaus figures out that her still being alive is the kink in his plan. A heartbroken Elena heads home with Damon looking more than a little defeated.

Things aren’t looking good for these two, and now that another original is in the picture – one that is in love with him and one that used to consider him a brother – well, only time will tell.

As for Caroline and Tyler, this crisis only looks like it has brought them closer together.  At least one couple may be heading in the right direction, and with Stefan looking like he’s out of the equation for good, fans might get the Elena-Damon connection they’ve been waiting for!

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