Viggo Mortensen admits he doesn’t know anything about Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ series

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He may have been a central figure in Peter Jackson’s classic trilogy, but Viggo Mortensen hasn’t really been following the news of Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming prequel, titled The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

While chatting with The Hollywood Reporter, Mortensen, who played Aragorn in the legendary fantasy trio, revealed that the original films are so close to his heart, and he still keeps in touch with some of his cast mates. 

“I run into people who have seen them a lot of times and little kids who have seen them for the first time. I’ve sat with kids watching those film for the first time, and it’s really fun. And I made quite a few friends from that experience, and I stay in touch with quite a few of them.”

When asked about the new series and if he would be tuning in, he revealed a surprising lack of insight or knowledge regarding the most expensive TV show in history, but he nonetheless sounds intrigued to tune in when The Rings of Power premieres in September.

“What is that? The TV thing? It is with Apple, or something? Oh, right. Yeah, I’ll watch that. But do you know what source material they’re using? What were they allowed to use? Oh, that’s cool! Yeah, It’ll be fun to see.”

While Mortensen might not know much about what’s to come, he seems interested in following the stories from the world he was a part of for years. Fans can catch him in the upcoming horror film, Crimes of the Future, which will be released on June 3 in the United States. The Lord of the Rings will have to wait a lot more to enter into the new world, as The Rings of Power isn’t scheduled to release until Sept. 2 on Prime Video.

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