Vin Diesel Helms New Web Series

Just when you are convinced that Vin Diesel is one-dimensional, out comes news of his original 18-webisode series called The Ropes. Diesel co-created and will produce the series, which is based on the stories of nightclub bouncers.

According to a report in Variety, Diesel’s company One Race Films and Fox Digital Entertainment and Samantha Vincent are producing the web series based roughly on Diesel’s experiences “working the door.” The theme of this series has a personal connection to Diesel, as he worked as a bouncer for years before his acting career took off. In another homage to his modest beginnings, Diesel will cast mostly unknown actors and actual former bouncers to play the lead roles. He is also expected to make an appearance here and there.

The webisode shorts will be about seven minutes, and are supposedly an offering to Diesel’s more than 20 million Facebook fans. Reportedly he has already written the first episode, though no shooting location or starting date has been released. Most of us know Diesel as the muscle-bound action hero in films like The Fast and the Furious and XXX, but apparently he’s been busy behind the camera to.