Vincent D’Onofrio On Kingpin’s Return: I Know He’ll Come Back


While Marvel has often struggled with crafting compelling villains on the big screen, the same cannot be said for their antagonists on television. Almost all of their Netflix shows have done extremely well in that regard, especially Daredevil. Bringing Wilson Fisk aka the Kingpin to life in a very effective fashion, actor Vincent D’Onofrio gave a fantastic performance in season 1 of the show and also returned – in a much smaller capacity – for the second outing.

With talk of Daredevil‘s third season now starting to heat up, fans have been getting curious as to the status of the villain and if we’ll be lucky enough to see him butt heads with Matt Murdock once again. The answer to that seems to be yes, Fisk will be back – we’re just not sure when he’ll return.

Speaking to Collider to promote his new show Emerald City, here’s what the actor shared:

“Honestly, I wish I knew ‘cause I could plan my year better. I know he will come back, I just don’t know when. I can’t wait to find out.”

Fans have speculated that the character could appear in the upcoming Defenders series, but that’s pretty much been ruled out already, leaving Daredevil the most likely option when it comes to where we’ll see him again. As for when, we’d imagine it’ll be in season 3, especially since we’re hearing rumors of Bullseye appearing as well. Right now though, it’s anyone’s guess.

Regardless of where and when Wilson Fisk stomps back onto the small screen, we can rest assured knowing that one of Marvel’s best antagonists to date isn’t going anywhere any time soon and in the near future, Daredevil will no doubt find himself clashing with the villain once again.

Source: Collider