Vinny From Jersey Shore Is Getting His Own Show (Whether You Like It Or Not)

Although it seemed like MTV were doing the world a serious favor when they announced that they were taking Jersey Shore off of life support and cancelling the hell out of it, it still won’t be safe to flick past the channel in hope of avoiding the show’s fame-hungry reprobates because almost every member of the gang has been granted their own spin-off.

Which means Snooki will still have the power to scare you if you happen to pick the wrong time of night to browse. So, yes, Vinny Guadagnino is also getting his own show now, which will probably be called Vinny (going by the creative stint that seems to have dominated the names of the other cast member’s shows: Snooki, JWWOW and The Pauly D Project). Which makes this the fourth Jersey Shore spin-off coming your way. The fourth.

“Vinny’s unique mix of humor, intelligence, curiosity and heart make him the perfect choice for this genre-busting take on the interview format,” said Chris Linn, MTV bigwig, who we can’t take seriously because he has been paid to say that. The show will apparently focus on Vinny cooking meals for celebrities at his home and with his family (maybe they’ll get Snooki or Pauly D to show up: wouldn’t that be absolutely meta?). We give it one season. Hell, we give them all one season. And even that feels like way too much leniency.

Source: The A.V. Club