A Second Voyager Star May Appear In Star Trek: Picard Season 2


The first full trailer for Star Trek: Picard revealed that several familiar faces will be returning alongside Sir Patrick Stewart’s title character in the upcoming series, including Brent Spiner’s Data and Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine. Seven’s reappearance was particularly surprising as she doesn’t hail from The Next Generation like the rest of the old favorites but from its sister series, VoyagerAnd now, it sounds as if Ryan could be joined by another of her co-stars from the show in season 2.

Trekkie Girls caught up with Voyager star Robert Picardo at London Film and Comic Con this past weekend, and the actor revealed that he’s currently in talks to make a comeback to the Trek universe for Picard season 2.

“I am pleased that they (CBS) have expressed interest in me. They have reached out to my agent about next season. So I’m looking forward to seeing what it is. As you know I play two characters, primarily the Doctor but also Lewis Zimmerman.”

Picardo was a regular for Voyager‘s seven seasons as The Doctor – no, Whovians, not the Time Lord but the Emergency Medical Hologram that served as the Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Voyager. As Picardo reminds us, he also featured in a secondary guest role, too – that of Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, the scientist who created the EMH program at Starfleet and lent the hologram his likeness. The actor’s reference to his less-famous secondary role may suggest he’ll be playing both parts again on Picard. 

The Borg are set to be a major part of  the upcoming series, so this might give us a clue as to how The Doctor will fit into the narrative. The hologram formed a close friendship with Seven on Voyager, as he helped her go from Borg drone to her own person. His expert knowledge of a broad range of species, including the Borg, could also prove helpful in defeating them.

Star Trek: Picard is expected to run for at least three seasons, with the first currently in production and expected to arrive on CBS All Access in late 2019/early 2020.