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TV Talk: The Walking Dead 7×06 “Swear” Review

For this outing, we tackle the new episode of The Walking Dead, which aired tonight on AMC and focused on the brand new Oceanside community. To say that it was slow and boring would be a bit of an understatement, as the show is really starting to drag and "Swear" was particularly bad, giving us nothing in the way of excitement and once again, coming off as more of a filler outing than anything else.

Welcome to the latest episode our new video web show, TV Talk. Following hot on the heels of Geek Out, which began several weeks ago, TV Talk is another new weekly series brought to you by We Got This Covered. As the title implies, on each instalment we’ll be taking a look at some of our favorite TV shows and bringing you our thoughts on them in a quick, easy to digest video.

For this outing, we tackle the new episode of The Walking Dead, which aired last night on AMC and focused on the brand new Oceanside community. While it was definitely a bit slow and the pacing could have been better, we still got a few solid performances and it was nice to spend some more time with both Tara and Heath.

With the mid-season finale quickly approaching, we’re really hoping that the writers can pick things up, because right now the show is on a bit of a decline following the electric premiere. Again, this episode wasn’t terrible, and it did have its moments, but it was far from must-watch television and overall, wasn’t terribly interesting.

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