Take A Tour Of The Walking Dead Booth At Comic-Con


For those lucky enough to attend San Diego Comic-Con this year, the next few days should be a weekend to remember, as attendees of the event will be given unprecedented access to the cast, crew, costumes, props and more from many of the biggest movies and TV shows in Hollywood. For those of us who couldn’t make it, however, the most we can hope for is to vicariously live out the experience through Twitter.

One booth that fans will want to check out is that of AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking DeadThis year, it’s set-dressed from the outside to resemble the Alexandria Safe Zone, in which Rick and his band of survivors have lived during the recent seasons of the show. Inside, however, there are a horde of undead mannequins, sporting the authentic make-up and prosthetics of the series’ make-up artist Greg Nicotero and his team.

After escaping the walkers, guests next encounter the Heapsters, the team of junkyard-dwelling survivors introduced in the second half of season 7. Furthermore, walls of trash surround the memorable walker decked out with spikes (officially dubbed Winslow) which Rick had to fight back in the tenth episode of the season.

Once you turn a corner, fans will then run into Negan himself! Well, all right, it’s actually a dummy version of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villain. Still, he looks pretty threatening with Lucille in his hand while standing next to a replica of the oven that he threw the Sanctuary doctor into.

Once outside the booth, there’s a great photo opportunity to sit on King Ezekiel’s throne and pretend you’re the leader of the Kingdom. And, even better, to pretend you have Ezekiel’s tiger Shiva as a pet.

Fans will get even more Walking Dead goodness, including a season 8 trailer, at the show’s panel in Hall H tomorrow, so be sure to stay tuned!

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