The Walking Dead Promo Teases That [SPOILERS] Is Returning From The Dead


The Walking Dead season 10B got a new trailer this weekend and it features a bunch of interesting teases for what’s to come when the post-apocalyptic drama returns in less than a month. One of these is a brief shot that shows a hand rising up out of their grave within the Alexandria safezone. This tells us that a former Alexandrian might not have been as dead as everyone thought when they went into the ground.

So, does this mean a major character is returning, at least in walker form? That’s what TWD fans are hoping for. The show’s Twitter account has been hyping up the mystery, leaving viewers to voice their own wishes for whose hand that might be. And three names, in particular, have been suggested a lot.

And out of those three, two of them are the clear favorites. For starters, a lot of fans desperately want to see a return for Rick Grimes’ son, last seen when he died of a walker bite midway through season 8.

On the other hand, a lot of folks also want to see Glenn Rhee make a comeback. He was last seen even longer ago, when Negan bashed his brains in during the season 7 premiere.

But then again, maybe it’s Jesus, killed by a Whisperer in the season 9 midseason finale?

All this guessing is fun, but if you watch the trailer closely, the answer becomes obvious. It’s really Cheryl, the old woman murdered by Whisperer agent Dante. It seems he didn’t make sure she wouldn’t reanimate once he asphyxiated her. As one smart fan noted, the big clue it’s her is because the cross marking her grave has been seen in her room.

As pointed out, other shots in the trailer hint that Cheryl’s grave may actually be the access to a secret tunnel Dante has dug for Beta to get into Alexandria. It looks like there’s trouble ahead for the survivors when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, February 23rd then, and you won’t want to miss out on what’s sure to be another gripping episode.