The Walking Dead Fans Rooting For Daryl And Carol Romance In Season 10


The Walking Dead season finale aired yesterday, bringing the show’s ninth run to a close. There was a lot for fans to think about as we now wait for season 10, but one development in particular has started something. Or at least, reawakened a subset of TWD lovers that have been dormant for a while.

In the finale, we learned that Ezekiel and Carol have split up, following the death of their son Henry in the heartbreaking penultimate installment of the season. While Ezekiel continues to run the Kingdom, Carol has returned to life at Alexandria. It’s a desperately sad situation for the couple, but fans are able to see some light here. Namely, that it could lead to Daryl and Carol finally becoming a thing.

“Caryl”, as the characters’ ship name goes, has been a favorite pairing of Walking Dead viewers for almost the whole run of the show. So, as much as things are gloomy right now for both Carol and Daryl, many are keeping their fingers crossed that a new romance could form in season 10.

I mean, just look at these screencaps…

And Carol is now living in the same community as Daryl. A sign of deeper feelings?

Other fans are even already giving them a kid to adopt – Alpha’s reformed daughter Lydia.

Shipping Caryl is a complicated emotion, it seems.

But it feels good when the show is seemingly working on making it canon.

For some, Ezekiel was only a placeholder partner for Carol.

Then again, some were genuinely upset by the break-up with Ezekiel and were not happy about it.

Still, the vast majority of fans are over the moon that “Caryl” has a chance to sail.

It’s hard to tell right now where The Walking Dead writers plan to take the two next. Though if they want to make the fandom happy, pairing up Daryl and Carol would clearly be the way to go.

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