The Walking Dead Fans Can’t Believe The Show Is Ending With Season 11

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead now truly is the Walking Dead as the hit show is due to conclude with its eleventh season. AMC announced the shocking news today, confirming that a super-sized 24-episode final season is coming across 2021 and 2022. This won’t be the end of the TWD universe by a long shot, with two new spinoffs announced to follow, but the cancellation of the parent series is still hitting fans hard.

No one’s ready to say goodbye…

It’s gotta be a joke! It’s a joke, right? (Narrator: it was not a joke).

2020 has done it again.

Just two more years left. Keep it together now, people…

It was kind of inevitable, but folks still don’t want to believe it.

Pain! At least Daryl and Rick know how we feel.

What a run!

After the end of the parent show, Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride will get their own vehicle following what happens next for Daryl and Carol, and this news is definitely helping to soften the blow.

This announcement may be sad, but it’s by no means over yet. Someone did the math, and there’s a huge amount of TWD content still to come on the horizon, let alone what’s due after 2022.

Six additional episodes of season 10 will air in early 2021 and later on that same year, season 11 will begin and run for 24 weeks before concluding in 2022. The Carol and Daryl show will then debut in 2023, with TWD showrunner Angela Kang serving as EP. As for the second spinoff, that’s Tales of the Walking Dead, an anthology series focusing on different characters each episode.

In the short term, though, The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its long-delayed season 10 finale on Sunday, October 4th.