The Walking Dead EP Says The Final Season Is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is heading towards its end, but the show’s got some fresh tricks up its sleeve before it calls it a day. The season 10 finale introduced the Commonwealth into the world of the TV series and, going by the way things play out in the comic books, the massive settlement – the biggest we’ve seen in the post-apocalyptic landscape yet – will completely change the status quo going forward.

In fact, chief content officer Scott M. Gimple has gone so far as to say that season 11 will deliver something that fans have never seen before. He made the bold claim while speaking to FOX TV UK in a new behind-the-scenes promo for the series’ return next year, explaining:

“After ten years of The Walking Dead, to see the show continue to evolve, to say, ‘We’re going to show you something unlike you’ve seen on the show before,’ it’s a wonderful thing. “

Showrunner Angela Kang also teased how the introduction of the Commonwealth will be what launches The Walking Dead into its next, and final, big storyline.

“We’ve met a new group, and they certainly seem to be very capable, very well-equipped. So that will send us into our next story.”

Kang has previously revealed that season 11 will have a “more urban feel” as it’ll return to city environments. Unfortunately, though, this plotline isn’t particularly COVID-19-friendly, so TWD is somewhat hitting the pause button on the Commonwealth for now and is instead delivering six new episodes that will dive deep into the characters, following the conclusion of the Whisperer War.

These installments, which are in production at the moment, promise to explore what Maggie’s been up to since she left and unveil Negan’s backstory. One episode will also catch up with Eugene and his group following their capture by the Commonwealth in The Walking Dead‘s season 10 finale. Things will then ramp up again in the super-sized 24-episode season 11.

Suffice it to say, there’s much on the way to get excited about and we can’t wait to see what the network brings us next.