The Walking Dead May Be About To Lose Another Major Character

The Walking Dead Season 9B Promo

The Walking Dead has already lost two key players in season 9 and it sounds like the AMC series is about to say goodbye to another longtime cast member. And no, we’re not talking about Danai Gurira, who we know is set to bow out as Michonne in season 10.

While speaking on Los Angeles’ KTLA 5, Katelyn Nacon opened up about her recent move to L.A. from her former home in Atlanta, Georgia, where TWD is filmed. Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, many are already speculating that this move means the actress is finished with the zombie series and is now looking for new career opportunities.

Nacon has played Enid on the show since back in season 5, which makes her a veteran in Walking Dead terms. Once a teen survivor who came to Alexandria, and developed a romance with Carl, nowadays Enid’s the doctor of the Hilltop and in a relationship with Alden. Things seemed to have come together for the character in the six-year time-jump, then, but the wheels have started to come off now that Alden’s been kidnapped by the Whisperers. But will the tables turn, leaving Enid as the one who’s killed by Alpha and her minions?

Unlike on most occasions, we can’t look to the comic books to see how things might play out for the character as she’s an original creation for TV. Earlier on, she seemed to be stand-in for Sophia, though, who – unlike on the show, where she died back in season 2 – is still going strong in the source material.

A bunch of characters are picked off by the Whisperers in the comics, however, and no doubt the series is going to put its own spin on the deaths on the page. After all, showrunner Angela Kang has already teased that there’ll be surprises to come in the TV adaptation of the Whisperer war. As such, we’ll just have to keep watching The Walking Dead season 9 on AMC every Sunday to find out what happens next.