The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Clips Released


This past Sunday’s installment of AMC’s The Walking Dead was an eventful one for young Carl Grimes, who was given a personal guided tour of The Saviors’ compound by Negan himself, and bore witness to some of the sadistic SOB’s more brutal methods of enforcing the laws of the land. That said, we did also seem to witness a softer side of the notoriously merciless villain when he apologized the Carl for mocking his bullet-wound. Was he being sincere? It’s very hard to tell with this guy.

At the end of the episode Negan brings Carl back to Alexandria for a sit-down with Rick, but you can bet they’ll hold off on showing us what happens in that situation until near the end of this Sunday’s midseason finale, as these sneak peeks reveal that we’re going to be following Rick and Aaron on their supply run, as well as dropping back in on Carol and Morgan.

In the first clip, the formerly-feuding duo do a bit of awkward flirting (are we seeing a love triangle with Ezekiel develop?) before they get a visit from one of The King’s men with something urgent to tell them. Is this the catalyst that will eventually lead to The Kingdom and Alexandria joining forces to take on The Saviors? The other clip, meanwhile, is less intriguing – though I do hope whatever’s on the other side of that lake is worth it.

Be sure to tune in to “Hearts Still Beating” this Sunday to find out what happens. Also, if you’re in need of a refresher course, the network is screening a Walking Dead marathon this weekend.