A Walking Dead Movie Could Be On The Way

Season three of AMC’s smash zombie series The Walking Dead is exactly two months away, and if that doesn’t get your blood spurting then sink your teeth into this: courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, it’s been revealed that there are (very) preliminary talks of bringing the survivors to the big screen with a feature film adaptation.

After The Walking Dead’s season two finale became the most watched basic cable drama telecast in history, it became pretty apparent that big things were to come for the adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic book. The series has already spun off into well received episodic survival horror video games, so a feature film would be a logical progression, especially considering all the as-of-yet untapped material of the source material.

Bloody Disgusting had this to say on the matter:

“I have some friends working closely with “The Walking Dead” crew and AMC who confirm with me rumblings of a feature film. But before you get your panties in a bunch, we’re only in the third season of the popular zombie show – adapted from Robert Kirkman’s astounding comic book – and when I say rumblings, I strongly suggest the idea has been passed off in non-business conversations.”

So no need to mark off your calendar just yet, but fans out there can certainly cross their fingers at the prospect of seeing Rick Grimes and the eclectic group of survivors in an extended adventure. If season three is as successful as its predecessors then a film would seem all the more likely for AMC’s flagship series, especially when considering that The Walking Dead was originally realized as a movie.

The Walking Dead returns (to the small screen) on October 14.