The Walking Dead EP Teases That Not Everyone Will Survive Season 10 Finale

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 10 came to an endpoint, of sorts, this past weekend. The penultimate episode, 10×15 “The Tower,” is essentially acting as the season’s conclusion, though the actual finale will air later this year, once post-production work is able to be completed. Episode 15 left things on a nail-biting cliffhanger, then, as new Whisperer leader Beta got his walker army to surround the people of the assembled communities in their safe house.

Things look dire, and this being TWD, all the signs are pointing to there being some casualties when the show returns. Sure enough, exec producer Denise Huth teased on the last Talking Dead installment that maybe everyone won’t make it out alive. With regards to the finale’s promo, which hints at what’s to come, Huth summed up the situation as it stands:

“Following the attack on Hilltop, they reconvened at the rendezvous point and clearly things have happened, a little bit of time has passed, and they’ve come up with a plan. We don’t necessarily know what that plan is,” Huth said. “You definitely get the sense that they’re preparing for an attack to come, they know it’s coming, and how can they solve the problem of this giant horde? Beta is one thing, he’s one man. Those thousands of walkers are a whole different deal. A lot were killed in the fire at Hilltop, but he still has a bunch, and as we saw in a previous episode, he’s gathering even more.”

The promo reveals that Daryl will lead the survivors of Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside in a risky bid for survival – they must cover themselves with zombie viscera and hopefully they can walk through the Whisperers’ herd undetected. Like Daryl says, though, they’re “not all gonna make it through. But this is the only way.”

Huth continued:

“We’re seeing [the survivors] more together, it’s clear that they have some sort of plan, but there’s still that fear. There’s still the knowledge that this is tricky, and that once again maybe not everyone is going to get out alive.”

Another major clue that things will end in tragedy is that the finale is titled “A Certain Doom” – you can’t get more ominous than that. This title is taken from the name of a volume of The Walking Dead comics, one which features a major death.