The Walking Dead Gets A New Promo Ahead Of Its February Return


The final scene of the somewhat anticlimactic midseason finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead saw Rick and co. smearing themselves in zombie guts and taking a little stroll through a massive heard of walkers. However, the subsequent prologue did nicely set up the arrival of the next big bad, Negan, who’ll be played by Watchmen actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

This new promo for the show’s 2016 return continues to tease the character’s debut, but unfortunately doesn’t provide our first glimpse of him. What we do get are a few new shots of our heroes doing what they do best: taking down brain-eaters.

Chances are we will get our first official look at Morgan’s Negan pretty soon, but how exactly he’ll be introduced remains a mystery. In the comics, it was taking his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille, to the head of a beloved main character, and everything points to similar situation for this small-screen adaptation – even if it does turn out to be someone else on the receiving end.

The Walking Dead season 6B premieres on February 14th.