AMC Announces The Walking Dead Marathon For This Sunday

The Walking Dead

We’ve been suffering from a TWD drought for the past few months, thanks to the pandemic holding up production and post-production on the three TV series in the franchise. We’re almost out of the woods, though, as all three will return to our screens this October. Ahead of that, then, AMC is preparing to reintroduce fans to the post-apocalyptic universe by hosting The Walking Dead Season 1: Beginnings marathon this Sunday.

As the title spells out, the Beginnings programming block means the network will be rerunning all six episodes of the hit zombie drama’s first season, which originally aired a whole decade ago in late 2010. The marathon kicks off on AMC at 6/5c on Sunday, August 30th and “Days Gone Bye,” “Guts,” “Tell It to the Frogs,” “Vatos,” “Wildfire” and “TS-19” will air back to back through to 12:51 am.

As fans will know, the story began with Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes waking up in hospital two months after the apocalypse. From there, he reunited with his family and took over as the leader of a group of survivors based outside of Atlanta. Frank Darabont served as showrunner for this season alone, before a bitter split between himself and the network which led him to take out a lawsuit against them.

Of course, ten seasons later, and TWD is in a very different place. After various twists and time jumps, Rick is off on his own path and, when we last saw them, there were various communities under threat from the Whisperers. We’ll find out what happens next when the season 10 finale airs on October 4th, the same night Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres. A week later, on October 11th, Fear the Walking Dead season 6 debuts.

But don’t miss The Walking Dead Season 1: Beginnings marathon later this week to get yourself back in the zone of the new TWD content that’s coming in just over a month’s time.