The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Could Air In July

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead fans have been waiting two months to the day for the tenth season finale to arrive. Originally set to land on AMC on April 12th, the plug had to be pulled on the season closer due to the pandemic preventing post-production work from being completed on the episode, titled “A Certain Doom.” At long last, though, there are finally signs that the finale could be coming in the next few weeks.

As says, California loosening quarantine measures could hold the key. As of June 12th, the state of California will allow film and television production to resume, in compliance with safety guidelines issued by Los Angeles County. It’s important to note, however, that shooting won’t kick off immediately, but will rather get underway in July and August. First of all, labor unions have to sign off on new safety protocols and final approval may take four to six weeks.

Though filming on TWD takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, the post-production work is undertaken in California, so once these new requirements have been met, the crew can then return to reopened facilities and finalize the episode. We’ve previously been told that the majority of the workload had been completed prior to the lockdown taking effect, so there’s every chance that, even with the lengthy process to get things going again, it could be with us sometime in July.

“A Certain Doom” is set to conclude the Whisperer War arc. But before a final battle against Beta and his forces can commence, the survivors will have to get through a horde of walkers alive, after the villain surrounded the tower with his “Guardians.” Thankfully, an old friend is returning to lend a hand – Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Rhee is back for this episode, following her temporary exit from the show back in season 9.

We’ll bring you further updates on The Walking Dead season 10 finale as and when they come in, so stay tuned.