AMC Accidentally Spoils The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere

Michonne Walking Dead

The Walking Dead doesn’t return to our screens until next month, but it seems that AMC might have given a big development away about the season 10 premiere several weeks early. The spoiler comes our way via a behind-the-scenes video which is available to AMC Premiere subscribers.

The clip captures the cast gathered for a table read for the season opener. But it’s what’s behind the cast that should draw your attention. On a board behind Siddiq actor Avi Nash can be seen several images of a satellite in space. Thanks to that, we know the surprising truth that the plot of the episode will somehow involve a satellite orbiting the Earth.

We might be able to work out the full story here as well, as other images on the board capture a blazing forest fire. Have a look in the gallery below and you’ll see a bunch of characters fighting in front of such an inferno as well. Could the satellite crash to the ground and cause a major incident for the survivors?

It’s possible, but showrunner Angela Kang has already talked to EW about how season 10 will continue “some explorations of natural elements” and how “fire is one of those elements.” Which makes it sound like the cause of the fire will be something more organic and natural than an otherworldly object plummeting to Earth. However, she did tease some “unexpected aspects” to the storyline as well, so this might be how things go down.

In any case, here’s the synopsis for the premiere:

“The group in Oceanside continues to train in case the Whisperers return; tensions are high as the heroes struggle to hold onto their concept of civilization.”

The Walking Dead 10×01 “Lines We Cross” airs on AMC Sunday, October 6th. But you can see it a week early if you sign up to AMC Premiere.