The Walking Dead Season 7 Will Give Negan A Makeover


When Jeffrey Dean Morgan stepped out of that RV in the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead and introduced the world to the terrifying new villain known as Negan, one thing immediately stood out to fans of Robert Kirkman’s comic series: he was sporting a beard.

Though not a massive deal by any means, the character is clean shaven in the source material, and it gives him a sort of clean-cut, smarmy air that many felt was missing from his small-screen portrayal. In the episode, Negan actually acknowledges this when he takes note of Abraham’s wild facial hair and states that he’s “gotta shave this shit” while gesturing towards his own whiskers.


Well, it looks like he’ll do just that at some point during season 7 of the AMC series. A fan snapped a pic with Morgan and his longtime friend and co-star Norman Reeedus on the Senoia, Georgia set, and something was missing from the Watchmen actor’s face.

Negan was glimpsed with his beard in the first season 7 trailer, so we can assume that he whips out the razor at some point as the story progresses. Before that, though, tune in to see what horrors the man inflicts on one of our heroes when The Walking Dead returns on October 7.

Source: Twitter