Watch: Rick Continues To Fight In Promo For Next Week’s Walking Dead


After season 7 let down even the most devoted of fans, The Walking Dead needed to offer up a much more consistently entertaining run this year. A lot had been promised in the lead-up to the hit zombie drama’s return by the cast and crew, with many claiming that the show will be getting its mojo back and is going to feel like its old self again. On top of all that, the season 8 premiere was also the 100th episode of the series, and had to celebrate the past as well as proving that the show has enough life left in it to maybe even survive for another 100 outings.

Remarkably, tonight’s episode – titled “Mercy” – managed not to buckle under the weight of all that pressure and actually served up a very satisfying outing that corrected many of the problems fans have had with the series of late. Your very own We Got This Covered called it “the perfect remedy” to the past season, with its “brisk pacing, big action, and focus on the camaraderie” between the characters making it “super entertaining television.”

Just because it nailed the big, important premiere, though, that doesn’t mean that things are fixed for good. The tough part will be in continuing this momentum for the rest of the season and next up is episode 2, which is titled “The Damned.” It’ll continue Rick and his allies’ revolution against Negan and the Saviors and the brief synopsis we’ve been given deliberately leaves its contents vague. Thankfully, then, we’ve got both the promo and sneak peek clip above to give us a better idea of what’s to come. Meanwhile, the aforementioned synopsis can be found below, if it’s more details you’re after.

The plan involving Alexandrians, Kingdommers and Hilltoppers unfolds; as Rick continues to fight, he encounters a familiar face.

Be sure to catch The Walking Dead 8×02 “The Damned” when it airs on AMC on Sunday, October 29th.