The Walking Dead Season 8 Will Be More “Fast-Moving And Kinetic”


The Walking Dead concluded its seventh season last night and though it was far from the show’s strongest finale, it was a mostly satisfying end to what’s been an otherwise uneven batch of episodes. Admittedly, ever since AMC’s hit series returned from its hiatus things have vastly improved, but still, season 7 won’t be remembered as one of The Walking Dead‘s best. That being said, there was a lot to like about it and already, we’re starting to hear about what’s in store for us once Rick and co. return.

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple spoke to TV Line earlier today and revealed something which should make fans quite happy. Among other things, he said that season 8 will be more “kinetic and fast-moving,” while also noting that there are more twists and turns to come.

“It’s going to be different. They aren’t going to meet in Alexandria every weekend and do that. There are twists and turns to it, definitely some small-scale things and some large-scale things and a whole different momentum to the story. Now that [the various factions] are in public conflict and everything is on the table as far as everybody knows who everybody is to each other and what’s going on, the narrative changes a lot. It’s going to become a bit more kinetic and fast-moving because that’s where the story is going. The content is definitely going to be determining the form.”

It’s no secret that The Walking Dead has been keen to take its time in the past when it comes to certain storylines, often delaying things and drawing them out for far too long. That problem was extremely evident in season 7, especially in the first half, and it’s something which fans often complain about. As such, it’s nice to hear that they’ll be picking up the pace from here on out. It makes sense, too, what with the “All-Out War” that’s about to ensue.

Speaking of which, Gimple had the following to say about the impending battle while speaking with THR:

“There’s a lot of twists and turns in All Out War, parts one and two, and aspects of March to War that we didn’t completely use. On top of that, there’s the expansions within the story of characters that aren’t in the book and situations that totally come from the book but yet are very different in some circumstances. By virtue of what The Walking Dead is, there is more stuff than was even in the book and stuff from earlier books that we might be dipping into, too.”

So, sounds like there’s quite a bit to look forward to then. Fans know full well how exciting the “All-Out War” storyline is and granted they don’t take too many liberties, it should make for an absolutely explosive season when The Walking Dead returns. When that’ll be is currently unknown, of course, but as soon as AMC makes the announcement, we’ll be sure to let you know.