The Walking Dead Season 9 Features A Heartbreaking Carl Easter Egg


Carl Grimes might’ve bit the dust in the middle of last season, but his loss will still be felt when The Walking Dead reaches its ninth year next month. Though the new season will take place after a time jump, with the Alexandrian community very different from where we left it, Rick Grimes will have kept his son’s memory alive.

Specifically, the recent season 9 trailer featured an easter egg that references Carl’s final episode that you might’ve missed. Insider’s Kirtsen Acuna shared on Twitter some screenshots that showed Rick pressing his hand to a few planks of wood with hand prints on them. You might recognize these as those made by Carl and young Judith in the season 8 mid-season premiere.

Acuna captioned her post: “Omg. Rick took the old deck from his house at Alexandria w/ Judith and Carl’s hand prints and hung it up on a wall.”

This is a pretty tragic detail, especially considering that Rick himself likely hasn’t got long for the world. Andrew Lincoln’s set to leave TWD during the first half of this season and, while it hasn’t been revealed exactly how the character will be written out, history tells us that the most probable outcome is that Rick might soon be reunited with his lost son once again. Hang on, I’ve just got something in my eye.

Beyond this heartbreaking reference, Carl’s influence will be felt in a wider sense through how Rick has turned Alexandria into a peaceful, thriving community. The teen’s dying wish was that his father strive for peace rather than war, including showing even Negan mercy, and the sheriff’s managed to live up to his son’s wishes so far. Though a new threat will rear its walker skin-covered head in season 9 in the shape of the Whisperers.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, October 7th. Will you be tuning in? Be sure to drop a comment and let us know.

Source: Twitter