The Walking Dead Season 9 Will Give Enid A Bigger Role


It looks like The Walking Dead is going to lose two of its major, long running characters. Shortly after the reveal that Lauren Cohan would be leaving the AMC zombie drama, an even bigger shock came our way as we learned that star Andrew Lincoln is also bowing out of the show in season 9. With these two protagonists looking to make an exit, we imagine the supporting cast of TWD will now find themselves with increased roles.

One such character who that’ll be the case with is Enid, as played by Katelyn Nacon. The latest weekly Walking Dead mailbag from Skybound features a fan asking if Enid will get more to do in season 9. Insider Johnny O’Dell replied in the affirmative, revealing she’ll join with the main group again after being sidelined to other communities in the previous year.

“You know what? Yes, Enid actually will have a bigger role in Season 9 after being mostly relegated to Oceanside and The Hilltop in Season 8.”

Though O’Dell suggests Enid was “relegated” to the outer communities away from Alexandria, she actually did get a decent amount of material to work with in season 8. She was mostly paired with Aaron in the first half of the run, consoling him after the death of his boyfriend and even being forced to take a life – Oceanside leader Natania – in order to protect him.

Later on, Carl’s death hit Enid hard, as the pair had developed a romantic connection over the years. She became bitter and angry by his loss, butting heads with Michonne at one point. Carl also left a letter for Enid to read, but we’ve yet to learn what it contained.

The character might be in store for more action in The Walking Dead season 9, but Katelyn Nacon has ambitions beyond the AMC drama, as she recently put her name forward to play Batgirl for DC. And while it remains to be seen if anything will come of that, fighting zombies is certainly good practice for fighting crime in Gotham City, don’t you think?

Source: Skybound