The Walking Dead Fans Think Rick May Return In Season Finale


Despite making his exit in episode 5 of the current season of The Walking Dead, some fans have had a hard time letting go of Rick Grimes. Seeing how he and his son Carl are both alive and well (one-handed and one-eyed…so alive, anyway) in the comics, and both are widely considered the center of the entire TWD story, that’s pretty understandable.

So, what do you get when you have sentimental viewers, and television show producers who like to keep stringing them along? Killer fan theories!

The newest theory making its way around the web right now is not a bad one, really. It doesn’t require a physical appearance on the show from Andrew Lincoln, it ties back to the comics, and it would make one hell of an ending for a stellar season 9 that saw ten, count ‘em ten people die.

Here’s the lowdown. In the comic books, that post-apocalyptic brainiac Eugene finds and fixes a two-way radio. Soon thereafter, he’s talking to Stephanie, a member of the newest community to be discovered in the comics, The Commonwealth. This community and its leader, Pamela Milton, seem to have a striking resemblance to both Georgie from the television show, and whatever community her and (we assume) Maggie are running.

In the show, Eugene just so happens to have been working on a radio for quite some time now. Also, wherever Jadis flew Rick off to seems to have working radios, and a freaking helicopter.

If we put two and two together, we just might get to hear Rick Grimes’ voice come over Eugene’s radio in the final moments of the episode. After all, Angela Kang herself said that the final scene of season 9 was going to change everything. Add in the fact that the first TWD movie is coming this year, and you have yourself one solid fan theory perfectly linking the end of season 9 with the upcoming films.

Tell us, do you think Rick’s voice will make an appearance this Sunday on The Walking Dead? Sound off in the comments section down below!