The Walking Dead Showrunner Not Ruling Out A Movie


Given that it’s probably the biggest show on cable at the moment – even despite the dwindling ratings – it’s not surprising that AMC wants to milk The Walking Dead for as long as it can. I mean, apparently they don’t even have an ending planned for it yet and there are also significant changes on the horizon for season 9. So significant, in fact, that it’s said that it’ll feel like a new show.

With no end in sight, then and the network claiming that The Walking Dead could outlive us all, it’s really no surprise to hear that at some point, the property may be headed to the big screen. That’s according to showrunner Scott M. Gimple, who was asked about the chances of it happening in a recent interview and didn’t rule it out.

Granted, he didn’t outright confirm that a film will ever materialize, either, but did seem open to the idea, at least. Here’s what he said:

Hmm, I mean, that kind of variety, that’s we’re talking about. All the differences of the ways we tell the story, yeah, what we can feature and all that. There’s a whole universe of possibilities.

Of course, it will likely be several years before a movie ever comes to fruition. We suppose they could do something while the show is still on air (maybe a spinoff of some sort, which could introduce characters who eventually crossover?), but the best bet seems to be putting together a big screen outing once the series is done its run on television. Either way, it’s nice to hear that Gimple isn’t opposed to it.

Just think of the possibilities when it comes to the violence and language if the producers aren’t held back by the restrictions placed on them at AMC. An R-rated Walking Dead film could take things to a whole new level as far as the blood and gore go, not to mention the increased budget could go a long way, too.

Suffice it to say, there are a plethora of reasons as to why we should be excited for a Walking Dead movie, and it’s great to hear that it’s at least on the table. Even if it’d be a long ways away.

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