The Walking Dead EP Teases An Epic Clash In Season 10 Finale

The Walking Dead

It’s been six months since it was yanked from the schedule back in April, but The Walking Dead season 10 finale is about to arrive at long last. With the penultimate episode, we left the survivors in dire straits as Beta sent his enormous zombie horde to surround their safe house. We know enough by now to be aware that Daryl and the others will be able to narrowly get everyone through the crowd and to safety, but after that, we’re in for one big final showdown against the Whisperers.

While speaking to TVLine, showrunner Angela Kang promised that an “epic clash” will occur in the thrilling conclusion to the Whisperer War arc, which has played out across the past one and a half seasons. As the EP reminds us, the conflict has been simmering away up until this point, but now the heat is on.

“Over the course of the season, these groups have been engaged in kind of a cold war, and now it’s exploded into this full-on fight to possibly mutual destruction,” Kang said. “There’s lots of scope to it, lots of story threads going on with our various heroes. It’s big and fun.”

Kang continued by teasing that “there’s lots of scope” to the finale, which will contain “lots of story threads going on with our various heroes. It’s big and fun.” It’ll probably only be fun for the audience, though, considering the huge stakes that the gang is up against. And, what with the episode going by the ominous title “A Certain Doom,” it’s likely not everyone will make it out of the season alive.

“What we wanted to show was how massive a disadvantage they are at,” Kang said. “This is a horde bigger than they’ve ever encountered, and this is after Carol was able to take out some of it at the caves and some of it was taken out during the battle at Hilltop. So it really is this David-and-Goliath battle.”

Elsewhere, the showrunner hinted that “Maggie has an important role to play,” referring to the much-anticipated return of Lauren Cohan, following what’s now a two year break from the series. Kang also teased that Maggie has “got her own story that she’s been living in” which will be explored once TWD continues in 2021.

The Walking Dead 10×16 “A Certain Doom” finally airs on AMC this Sunday, October 4th.