The Walking Dead Showrunner Teases First Season 10 Details


The Walking Dead has now wrapped up its ninth season, so fans have got all of spring and summer to wait until the hit show returns for its tenth run in the fall. We’ve already got our first details on the opening episode of the season, however, thanks to some comments showrunner Angela Kang made to EW.

Yesterday’s finale, “The Storm,” saw the survivors having to deal with a fierce blizzard. Kang confirmed that this would be a one-off situation as the season 10 premiere will pick up after a certain amount of time, though fans shouldn’t expect anything like another six-year time jump – which happened midway through season 9.

“Things are going to pick up with a little bit more of a time passage, not a giant one like we’ve had, but winter will be over and people will be going to be in a different emotional space.”

Kang couldn’t say much else, but the writer/producer did confirm that the opener would attempt something that’s very ambitious for the series, following the snow-covered hellscape of the season 9 finale.

“I’m working on the premiere, and we’re gonna, I don’t know… I’m crazy. I was like, ‘Let’s just do snow’ which is actually impossible to do. So so there’s other stuff in [the Season Ten premiere] where I’m like, I must be psychotic, because let’s just do more stuff we’ve never done on this show that feels impossible. That’s part of the fun of the show.”

As for the storylines that will dominate the next season, Kang touched on how the threat of the Whisperers will develop as the show progresses. Plus, she promised that the intriguing final scene of the recent finale will feed into a new plot that will intersect with the Whisperer war.

“Obviously, there are some problems to be worked out with the Whisperers, these crazy neighbors that come in and out and cause chaos in their world. That’s something to play out, and obviously there will be other storylines that are kind of intersecting with all of this. It’s always fun to have more than one thing going on at once. We’ll find out how this radio voice, what they have to do with our people and their world. We’re having fun working on the pieces of this season, so hopefully it will go well. I’m knocking on a lot of wood.”

“The Storm” ended with a voice being received on Ezekiel’s long-distance radio, presumably from a new group of survivors we haven’t met before. So Walking Dead fans, get your theories going, as you’ve got a couple of months to keep occupied until Fear the Walking Dead season 5 begins on AMC on June 2nd.

Source: EW