Another Walking Dead Star To Crossover To Fear For Season 5


For years, Fear the Walking Dead never crossed over with its parent show, but that all changed in the season 4 premiere, which saw Lennie James’ Morgan Jones jump over from The Walking Dead as well as featuring cameos from Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride and Tom Payne. Now, it seems that the fun will continue, as Fear season 5 will see another former TWD star jump aboard, as Austin Amelio AKA redeemed Savior Dwight, has signed on for the show.’s reporting that “multiple sources” have confirmed to them that Amelio will join the ensemble cast of the spinoff series for its upcoming fifth season. This makes sense for where we last saw Dwight on The Walking Dead, too. In the season 8 finale, he was exiled from Alexandria and told never to return. Apparently, he went back to his native Texas after this, which is presumably how he’ll come to be part of Fear.

Initially, TWD and Fear couldn’t crossover due to the timeline differences. However, the latter pulled off a time jump to accommodate Morgan’s arrival. Since then, however, TWD has muddied the waters again with its own leap forward, as the series jumped ahead a number of years after Rick Grimes’ exit. While any crossovers with characters still part of the show after that point would be almost impossible now, Dwight left just before the jump occurred, so he’s free to make the switch.

Before Fear season 5 gets here, however, we have the second half of The Walking Dead season 9 to look forward to. The survivors are going to have a new threat on their hands in the form of the Whisperers, a savage community full of those who wear walker masks to blend in with the zombie hordes. And we’ll see how that storyline unfolds when the show returns to AMC on February 10th.