The Walking Dead Star Not Ruling Out Possible Return As The Governor


The Governor hasn’t been seen on The Walking Dead since way back in season 5, but actor David Morrissey is still holding out hope that he’ll be asked to play the villain again at some point. Alias Phillip Blake, the Governor stands as one of the most popular antagonists on the long-running post-apocalyptic drama and fans would no doubt be up for his return, too. The only thing is that the Governor was shot in the head in his last appearance.

As Morrissey explained during an appearance on British daytime show Lorraine, though, there are always ways around that. When asked if he’d like to return to the TWD universe, the star pointed out that the expansion of the franchise that’s going on at the moment could lead to him reprising the Governor. As such, he’s leaving the door open right now.

“Well, you never know, with the way they do it. They sometimes go back and they do origin stories, and now they’re doing these movies. But I was so happy doing that job, it’s a great job, it’s a great character. And not just in terms of the actors and the people in front of the camera, but I made great friends in the crew and stuff. We filmed it in Atlanta, which is tough, but I got on so well with everybody down there.”

Like Morrissey reminds us of here, The Walking Dead is getting its first movie spinoff in 2020 in the form of a film that’s coming to theaters starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. This will follow on from when we last saw Rick in season 9. A third TV series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, also kicks off in January. Given these two projects, it doesn’t seem out of the question that, say, a prequel exploring the rise of the Governor could be greenlit sometime in the near future.

As of the show’s recent midseason finale, however, The Walking Dead has got enough villains to be getting on with. Alpha is currently making the survivors’ lives a misery and, what’s more, Negan – who seemed to be undergoing some sort of redemption – has elected to join with the Whisperers. We’ll find out how the situation develops when season 10 continues in February.

Source: YouTube