The Walking Dead Star Samantha Morton Hospitalized

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead actress Samantha Morton has been hospitalized. The British star took to social media this Tuesday to reveal the news. The cause for her hospitalization is currently unknown, but what we do know is that she’s now feeling much better following medical care provided to her by the NHS, whom she praised in a tweet.

“Thank you to all the A and E staff at the Conquest who helped me tonight,” Morton wrote on Twitter. “I’m so grateful for our NHS, to see the red zone first hand and the nurses and doctors being so kind and wonderful to us all was humbling. I’m ok tonight because of them.”

It’s unclear if Morton’s hospital check-in is related to the COVID-19 pandemic in any way, but the actress took the opportunity to stress the importance of wearing a mask in the current climate all the same. In a follow-up tweet, Morton shared a selfie of herself in the hospital wearing both a mask and a face shield.

In response to many replies from fans wishing her all the best, Morton posted a third tweet making clear that she’s “on the mend.” The actress continued: “I’ll get there and thank you so much for the well wishes.”

Morton is probably most recognizable for her turn as Alpha, queen of the Whisperers, across seasons 9 and 10 of The Walking Dead. Her performance as the bald-headed baddie received much praise but, as per the comic book storyline, her character was killed off halfway through season 10 in a shocking twist. TWD is just one entry in a star-studded resumé for the actress, though. In fact, it’s often overlooked that she’s got two Academy Award nominations to her name for 1999’s Sweet and Lowdown and 2003’s In America. 

Here’s wishing Samantha Morton a speedy recovery! And let’s hope she’ll make more appearances (maybe via flashback or hallucination) on The Walking Deadwhich returns to AMC this February, in the future.