AMC Teases Game Of Thrones-Level Bloodshed For The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead season 9 reaches its penultimate episode this weekend, and it promises to be a bloodthirsty hour that’ll leave devastation in its wake. At least, that’s what we think the show’s official Twitter account is trying to tell us.

On Thursday, the account posted an image from the classic Game of Thrones episode “The Rains of Castamere,” along with the caption “Just going to leave this here.” So, presumably, we can expect something close to the massacre that was the Red Wedding.

Episode 15 of the season is titled “The Calm Before,” and sees Ezekiel hosting his fair at the Kingdom which will unite the various communities together. Promo images have teased that things will go well at first, with the folks from Alexandria, the Hilltop and Oceanside enjoying the event. However, the Whisperers are still out there and you can bet that Alpha isn’t going to rest knowing there’s an opportunity to take out so many of her enemies when they’re all in one place.

Those who’ve read Robert Kirkman’s comics surely have an idea of where things go from here. We’ll tell you that tragedy strikes when the Whisperers abduct a number of the survivors, killing them and putting their – reanimated – heads on pikes to serve as a warning to the others not to cross the border into their territory. If the same characters meet the same fate they did in the source material, we could be in for some tears.

Knowing TWD, however, the TV show is bound to flip the script to some extent and throw a curveball in there that we won’t be expecting. The last major death was Jesus in the midseason finale, but who – and how many – is going to join him? We’ll find out when The Walking Dead airs on AMC this Sunday.

Source: Twitter