New Walking Dead Video Explores The Transformations Of Rick Grimes


Many of the characters in The Walking Dead have had hugely transformative arcs across the seven seasons of AMC’s zombie drama – Carol, Daryl, Carl, etc. Few, though, have changed as much as the show’s protagonist. The former sheriff played by Andrew Lincoln has endured some truly dark hours over the years, but he’s always managed to rise up and lead his people to survival in the end.

This new fan-made video, which you can check out above, packs the various turns that Rick’s taken through the series into a trim ten minutes. It makes for a very emotional watch as we see in miniature how the weight and responsibility of being the protector of his friends and family has pushed Rick to places he would never have gone back at the beginning of his journey through this post-apocalyptic world.

In particular, his wavering morals when it comes to killing are fascinating but also tragic to see unfold. Back in season 1, Rick decreed that “we don’t kill the living.” This strict viewpoint was sorely tested over the following season, however, what with the treachery of his best friend Shane, his son Carl being put in danger and Sophia’s tragic fate.

Fast forward to the later seasons and Rick is willing to sacrifice anyone in order to keep his loved ones safe. “These people are my family,” Rick says in the video, in a clip taken from season 5. “If what you’re hiding hurts them in anyway, I’ll kill you.” And he’s not wrong. Remember that time he bit out a guy’s jugular to save Carl?

We’ll have to see where The Walking Dead will take Rick Grimes next when it returns for its eighth season on October 22nd. We at least know he’ll make it until his hair goes grey, but he’s likely going to have a tough time getting there.

Source: YouTube