The Walking Dead Star Promises Grisly Developments To Come


We’ve only got a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead season 9 left to go, but apparently, we still have some “grisly” events to look forward to – if that’s the right thing to say. Dan Fogler, who joined the show as newcomer Luke back in the first half of the season, told The Five Count that he’s ready for his character to get the chop as he knows that everyone’s constantly in danger on the hit zombie series.

“You never know, you never know what’s gonna happen. So you’re all in to every single moment, in the moment,” Fogler said. “And yeah man, and I read the comic books, so I know what the path is of my character already. And there’s a lot of grisly stuff that happens [laugh]. So I’m just ready for the axe to fall at any moment myself.”

So, what is this “grisly” fate that Luke could meet? If you don’t mind potential spoilers, read on to find out…

In the source material, during the fair held to celebrate the coming together of the various communities, Alpha and the Whisperers infiltrate the crowd and lure folks away, Luke included. Later, the others discover the poor guy’s decapitated – and reanimated – head on a pike as part of a gruesome border marking the Whisperers’ territory.

Going by Fogler’s words, it sounds like he’s expecting Luke’s arc in the comics to play out the same way on screen. This wasn’t something we were taking as red as fans know all too well by now that this show frequently switches around characters’ fates from the source material, but maybe the actor knows something we don’t. We can even theorize that he won’t stick around for too long due to his commitments to the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Bear in mind that showrunner Angela Kang has promised there will be surprises to come in the TV show’s adaptation of the Whisperer storyline, too, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens as The Walking Dead season 9 unfolds Sundays on AMC.