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The Walking Dead Fans Have Chosen The Show’s Most Devastating Scenes

Thanks to a straw poll carried out by The Walking Dead YouTube channel, we now know the nine most decastating scenes from the zombie drama.

The Walking Dead

“What moments have been the most emotional for you to watch?”

That was the question put to the ever-loyal Walking Dead fanbase over on YouTube, and the responses make for interesting (and emotional) reading. Submissions ranged from Rick Grimes killing his best friend Shane to the death of Andrea’s younger sister Amy, not to mention the revelation of Alpha’s victims during the tail-end of The Walking Dead season 9.

Suffice it to say, there were plenty of heart-wrenching moments to choose from, and frankly, with season 11 already on the cards over at AMC, The Walking Dead clearly has many more aces up its sleeve when it comes to devastating scenes that send the show’s impassioned fanbase into a tailspin.

But between seasons 1 and 10 though, The Walking Dead YouTube channel has crunched the numbers to identify the nine moments that left fans curled up in a heap.

  • Negan Breaks Rick (season 7)
  • Daryl Kills His Brother Merle (season 3)
  • The Governor Kills Hershel (season 4)
  • The Loss of Lizzie (season 4)
  • The Death of Lori (season 3)
  • The Death of Glenn (season 7)
  • The Death of Carl (season 8)
  • Sophia Is Put Down (season 2)
  • Rick’s finale (season 9)

Of course, the latter will be explored in the upcoming movie trilogy incubating at AMC. It’s fair to say that the core Walking Dead series hasn’t quite been the same since Andrew Lincoln’s departure, though viewers can feel reassured in knowing that Rick’s story is far from over. Rather, it’s just beginning, and while the release of said trilogy has come under question due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the first chapter has been tentatively pegged for late 2020.

Meanwhile, season 10 of The Walking Dead continues this Sunday with “What We Become.” You can catch a sneak peek here, and bring the tissues, for this weekend marks Michonne’s final ever episode.

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