The Walking Dead’s Sarah Wayne Callies Will Face An Invasion In Colony


Sarah Wayne Callies might have perished in The Walking Dead‘s zombie apocalypse, but she’s keen to take on the challenge of an invading regime once more. Deadline reports that the actress has signed on to co-star in Carlton Cuse’s forthcoming pilot for USA, Colony.

The show, which has thus far only received an order for a pilot, has been described as “a naturalistic drama about a family forced to make difficult choices as they balance staying together with surviving an existential threat to the human race. Set in the near future, the story takes place in L.A., which exists in a state of occupation by a force of outside intruders. Some collaborate with the authorities and benefit from the new order, while others rebel and suffer the consequences.”

Top-lining the cast of characters is Cuse’s former Lost co-worker, Josh Holloway. He’ll play Will Bowman, an ex-FBI agent who is recruited by the occupational government to quell the burgeoning resistance movement within the colony. Callies has signed on to play the wife of Holloway’s character, “Katie Bowman, a mother of three who faces a daily struggle to keep her family safe and united in an occupied L.A.”

All the news we previously had on the show failed to identify just exactly who those invaders would be. Now, Deadline has word that the Los Angeles human contingent will be squaring off against an alien race. It’s a premise that should survive the format of a TV serial and with a recognizable cast list building, it might even land a full series order.

Callies made her first big splash with a regular role on Fox’s Prison Break, as the delectable Dr. Sara Tancredi. She’s got a track record for embracing everyday characters trapped in extraordinary situations, evidenced by her aforementioned TV credits and recent big screen disaster flick, Into The Storm. I loved her in Prison Break, and am very much looking forward to seeing her alongside Holloway.

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