WandaVision May’ve Dropped A Big Hint That Scarlet Witch Is A Mutant


One of the big theories Marvel fans have had about WandaVision since it was announced is that the show will reveal Scarlet Witch is actually a mutant and she didn’t just get her powers from HYDRA experiments like we were previously told. Obviously, her mutant status had to be retconned before, when Fox had the rights to the X-Men, but now that Marvel’s got them, the studio could retroactively make Wanda Maximoff the MCU’s first mutant.

In fact, with WV unfolding weekly on Disney Plus, it’s possible that the series’ latest episode hinted at just this revelation playing out. Every outing of the mind-bending show features fake ads which fit the era that each installment is set in and seem to reflect different facets of Wanda’s past. Episode 1 advertised a Stark toaster, for example, referencing the Stark bomb that killed Wanda’s parents, while the next one featured a Strucker watch – a nod to Baron Von Strucker, the HYDRA boss who experimented on the Maximoffs.

Episode 3’s ad, meanwhile, may go even deeper into Wanda’s past and reveal how it’s affecting her present. It depicts an overwhelmed 1970s housewife finding an escape from her hectic day with the HYDRA Soak Bath Bar, which transports her to an Ancient Greek-style realm. “Find the Goddess Within,” goes the slogan. This seems to be indicating that Wanda has likewise become overwhelmed – by the loss of Vision – and so has retreated into a fantasy world of her own.

There may be more to it than that, though. ComicBook.com has put forward the theory that the reference to “the Goddess Within,” in conjunction with HYDRA, suggests that Wanda has greater reserves of power than she previously realized and these have now been unlocked. If this reading is correct, it heavily suggests that she naturally has more abilities than Strucker realized, indicating that she’s a bonafide mutant.

There’ll be some big shocks to come as WandaVision continues weekly on Disney Plus, that’s for sure, but will it confirm this major X-Men connection? Share your thoughts on the theory in the comments section below.