‘WandaVision’ fan theory suggests how Agatha knew about Quicksilver


One of the lasting mysteries about the Disney Plus series WandaVision is how exactly Agatha Harkness knew of the potentially fourth-wall breaking Evan Peters who had previously played Quicksilver in another film franchise.

When fans got their first glimpse of Evan Peters appearing in WandaVision, many assumed that the multiverse had finally broken open and we were about to get wacky returns of many characters from previous film continuities. In the end though, it turned out to be a character named Ralph Bohner. Now that’s a quality bit of expectation-subverting.

But, what is the reason Agatha chose Ralph Bohner, a guy who looks an awful lot like another universe’s Quicksilver? Simple: she used the Darkhold herself, noted that Bohner looked like her brother from a different universe, and found him on Earth-616.

Complex enough? /u/Nyangun_Monte thinks it’s all pretty simple in their fan theory. Considering Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness reintroduced Patrick Stewart as Professor X from those same films, it might just stack up.

Wanda Maximoff’s trauma in that series then led into her villainous turn in Multiverse of Madness, where she’s just trying to find a universe with her children. Yeah, she beheads a few people along the way, but hey, what is love if not beheading people so you can see your kids?

Whether or not Scarlet Witch will get to truly atone for her murdering of Earth-838’s Illuminati remains unclear, but at least she sort of made up for it by submitting to Doctor Strange? Honestly, she’s going to need a lot more therapy after her multiverse shenanigans.

WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are both currently available to stream on Disney Plus.