WandaVision Poster May Tease Scarlet Witch’s Classic Comic Costume


Scarlet Witch has been around the MCU since 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron but she’s yet to reach a milestone that most Marvel superheroes do their first time out: get her comic-accurate outfit. Captain America: Civil War concept art shows that Wanda almost had her headpiece at least but that never made it to the screen.

Things might change soon, though, as we’ll next see the surviving Maximoff twin in her own TV show, WandaVision, and the first poster for the Disney Plus series looks to tease her classic appearance. Andy Park, Marvel Studios’ director of visual development and concept art, shared the poster on Twitter recently after it was released at D23 over the weekend.

As you can see below, WandaVision will have a 50s sitcom vibe as it seems Scarlet Witch and Vis are in a cosy artificial reality. However, the real world is creeping in. Just look at the happy couple’s shadows – Paul Bettany’s looks like his android form while Wanda’s perfectly matches her comic book silhouette.

Elizabeth Olsen previously teased at Comic-Con that WandaVision would be a deep dive into her character and also reveal how she gets her superhero name at last. If the show’s ticking off that box, then it makes sense that it would also give the heroine her traditional costume, too. This actually fits with We Got This Covered’s own intel, as we’ve heard that Wanda will be sporting her classic look in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

WV will directly lead into Doctor Strange 2, which will co-star Olsen as Wanda joins Stephen Strange in his trek through the weird, wide multiverse. Given that, it seems her fake life with Vision won’t last forever, which has led to fan theories wondering if Scarlet Witch could actually be the secret villain of the movie instead.

Time will tell, but for now, what we know for sure is that with shooting getting underway later this year, WandaVision is due on Disney Plus in early 2021.