Warner Bros. Wants Person Of Color To Lead Green Lantern TV Show


As part of all the HBO Max news that came out yesterday, we learned that a Green Lantern TV show is officially on its way from DC television architect Greg Berlanti. Heading exclusively to the streaming service, it’s said to be the biggest DC TV series fans have ever seen. No story details were revealed along with the announcement, however, so it’s unclear which characters it may feature.

We Got This Covered has now heard something interesting about the show, though. Our sources – who previously told us that the GL series was on its way before the official announcement was made – have revealed that Warner Bros. wants a person of color to lead the project. What’s more, we’re told the studio is investing a $100 million budget into the series in order to bring the cosmic mythos to life in style.

As for who this POC protagonist could be, that’s currently unknown, but a few options jump out from the comics. The African-American John Stewart is probably the second most recognizable Lantern behind Hal Jordan, so he would be a strong contender to lead the show. The Arrowverse may also do something with him in “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, though, and the DCEU is expected to feature him in Green Lantern CorpsSo, it’s possible Stewart may be tied up with other projects.

If not him, then the Arab-American Simon Baz and Mexican-American Jessica Cruz spring to mind. The pair are two of the most recent additions to GL lore on the page, so the series may be looking to recent comics for inspiration. Our intel does suggest a single lead for the show, though, which may mean it could be either Baz or Cruz, but not both. Or maybe the series will create its own addition to the lore. Honestly, anything’s possible at this stage.