Watch Arrow’s Stephen Amell Conquer The American Ninja Warrior Course


This week has undoubtedly been one for fans of Arrow to remember. After first delivering an incredible season finale that may very well have been one of the series’ finest entries, lead actor Stephen Amell was finally granted the chance to attempt the grueling course set forth by American Ninja Warrior, something his social media followers have been hoping to see for years.

Knowing the rigors of a shooting schedule that come with a prime time television show, it was probably hard for Amell to make such a thing happen, but seeing as how NBC was affording a handful of celebrities the chance to test their mettle in order to raise money for Red Nose Day, well, this provided the perfect opportunity for him to finally prove himself to naysayers while simultaneously delighting devoted fans.

Having met a few cast members from Arrow in my day, I’m fully aware that Amell is able to do his own stunts, fight (remember his brief WWE stint?) and parkour, but it’s understandable that not everyone be privy to this. That said, it came as no surprise to me that the Green Arrow himself absolutely dominated this course, even knowing that he and other participating celebrities were given mere days to train.

What’s even more impressive is that Stephen handily completed each obstacle, never having to skip any or tag in his trainer. In fact, he went the extra mile by completing an additional obstacle in the form of the salmon ladder, something we’ve seen him do numerous times on Arrow, and even making an attempt at an obstacle that had never been seen before!

All in all, he helped raise $35,000 for charity with his efforts. For that, we tip our leather hoods to him.

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