The Walking Dead Fans React To Daryl And Beta’s Brutal Fight Scene


There was a clear highlight of this past weekend’s episode of The Walking Dead season 9: the brutal battle between fan favorite Daryl and the Whisperers’ second-in-command Beta. Norman Reedus’ character had his work cut out for him in facing off against the bulky bad guy but, as ever, we can count on a survivor like Daryl to make it through in the end.

The context for the sequence was that Daryl leads Connie and Henry on a mission to rescue Alpha’s daughter Lydia from her mom’s creepy clan. After their escape, the bald-headed tyrant sends her number two after them, leading to Daryl confronting Beta in an abandoned renovated office building.

Naturally, TWD viewers went crazy for the scene. As Daryl doesn’t exist in the comic books, this rivalry between the pair was something brand new to the TV show and fans can’t wait to see more of the feud play out in future episodes. After all, Daryl may have won this round, by pushing Beta down an elevator shaft no less, but who’s to say what will happen next.


As impressive as Daryl was, though, one fan noticed that Beta was a little sloppy in the fight as he had a few opportunities to take his opponent out that he didn’t make use of.

Though Daryl vs. Beta made it awesome enough, how cool would it be if and when Negan gets involved in the action and starts battling the Whisperers, Savior-style?

Season 9 has just three more episodes to go and this Sunday’s installment promises to explain something we’ve been wondering about for months now. Episode 14, titled “Scars,” will finally reveal the truth behind those matching X-shaped marks sported by Michonne and Daryl. We’d also expect another shock death or two before the season’s out.

In other words, The Walking Dead is really heating up now and you’re not going to want to miss what’s coming down the pipeline.