Watch Two New Deleted Scenes From Game Of Thrones Season 4


Game of Thrones

With everyone’s heads in a tizzy after George R.R. Martin’s recent comments about Game Of Thrones season 5, it stands to reason that some folks may have forgotten that season 4 hits Blu-ray and DVD today! To celebrate this momentous occasion, HBO has posted two brand new deleted scenes from the last season online. Both are pretty brief segments, but they offer a delicious reprieve until we’re able to catch sight of new footage in April.

Out of the two clips, it’s perhaps the first that has the most to offer. Trimmed from the moment when Tyrion has just shamed his lover Shae, he dismisses her and orders Bronn to accompany her to the boat headed for Pentos. Naturally, Bronn is simply following his master’s wishes, but that doesn’t stop the scorned woman from lashing out at him. It clocks it at around two minutes and is well worth a watch.

Second up is a short, tender moment between Daenerys and her handmaiden, Missandei. With the former somewhat of a wreck after sending away the duplicitous Jorah, Missandei comforts her and pledges to never betray her. We’ve seen glimpses at Danys’ softer side previously, and it’s not as if she’s displaying her vulnerable underbelly here, but it’s still a sweet scene.

The real question, is, though: will any of these characters survive through the next season? Martin let slip that there’s going to be much more blood in this upcoming stream of episodes, which may flow from the slain bodies of characters who didn’t actually perish in the novels. It’s an interesting choice, to keep the surprises coming for readers and non-readers alike, and we’ll find out who lives and who dies when Game of Thrones season 5 premieres on HBO on April 12.

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