Watch: Marvel’s What If…? Trailer Teases A New Iron Man


Sad that there’s only one episode left to go of Loki? Don’t be, as your next Marvel TV obsession is right around the corner. In just over a month’s time, arguably the most unique Marvel Studios production released so far debuts on Disney Plus. It’s Marvel’s What If…?, the animated anthology series that will check in on a different reality each episode. This Thursday, Disney finally dropped the first trailer for the show, which features numerous familiar faces in fresh contexts. Check it out via the player above.

The trailer begins with a scene that mirrors how the MCU kicked off back in 2008’s Iron Man – but this time, Tony Stark is rescued in the desert by Killmonger! Other alternate worlds glimpsed in the promo include one where T’Challa has become Star-Lord, Peggy Carter is Captain Britain, the Guardians defeated Loki in the Battle of New York and even one where the Avengers are all zombies, a la the Marvel Zombies universe.

In most cases, the show will see the cast of the MCU reprising their roles, with the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael B. Jordan, Hayley Atwell, Michael Rooker and the much-missed Chadwick Boseman heard in this trailer. Unfortunately, despite fans hoping otherwise, Robert Downey Jr. will not be returning as Iron Man, with a different performer voicing the character. Elsewhere, Westworld‘s Jeffrey Wright will be joining the franchise as The Watcher, who will be narrating each episode.

The trailer dropped alongside the first poster for the series, which you can find in the gallery above. It showcases even more alt-heroes, including Gamora in Thanos’ armor, a victorious Ultron and… wait, is that Spider-Man as the Sorcerer Supreme?

From director Bryan Matthews and showrunner A.C. Bradley, Marvel’s What If…? kicks off its 10-episode first season – a second is already on the way – on Wednesday, August 11th. In the meantime, don’t miss Black Widow in theaters this weekend and the Loki finale next week.