Watch: First Helstrom Trailer Teases Marvel’s Newest Show


Marvel fans are currently starved for new content, with all of the studio’s productions facing some sort of delay in the wake of coronavirus and their various films and TV shows constantly being pushed back further and further from their original premiere dates. But at least we can take comfort in the fact that there will be one new piece of Marvel content on our screens soon: Helstrom.

The Hulu series isn’t exactly touching down with a ton of excitement surrounding it, given that it won’t have any major ties to the wider MCU – that we know of – and, of course, that it’s very likely only getting one season, now that Marvel’s television output will all be residing on Disney Plus. But still, it is indeed new Marvel content and for that reason alone, fans may want to check out the new trailer up above to see what’s in store for them when the show arrives on their screens later this year, on October 16th.


Frankly, while the series doesn’t look bad by any stretch of the imagination, and actually appears to have some interesting elements to it not seen in other Marvel shows, it’s still hard to get excited for this one. Especially when we know it doesn’t exactly have a very bright future ahead of it.

That being said, as a Marvel series with a strong sense of horror to it, and a story that’s seemingly a lot creepier than you’d find in most of the studio’s other output, it might be worth tuning in for. In any case, you can make up your own mind about the show when Helstrom makes its big debut exclusively on Hulu on October 18th.