Watch The Intense, Incredible Opening Fight Scene From Hannibal Season 2


If I could describe NBC’s Hannibal in one word, it would be: intense. Wonderfully crafted, beautifully haunting and downright awesome, the show caught us all by surprise last year. On paper, a prequel chronicling the early relationship between Dr. Hannibal Lecter and FBI Special Agent Will Graham was an uneasy proposition.

Prequels are inherently full of problems, especially when they focus on iconic characters such as these. Luckily, Bryan Fuller found a wildly exciting angle to explore and put all of our concerns to rest. Season one was a tightly controlled series of events that laid the groundwork for the series’ inevitable conclusion, but it still left us with a fair share of surprises and burning questions as well.

Season two arrives this Friday and anticipation is through the roof. Yesterday, NBC hosted a “13-hour Devour” marathon of the first season, which only got us more excited for the show’s return. Now, we have the opening fight scene to feast our eyes on and it features a brutal altercation between Lecter and Agent Crawford.

Wow. Apparently this will be the opening scene of the second season and will act as a flash-forward, effectively raising the tension in the series and showing us just a brief glimpse of what’s in store for us down the line. Of course, the scene raises more questions than it answers (How did we get here? What started this fight? Who wins?), but we’ve all grown to expect that from Hannibal by now.

Chances are we’ll have to wait until the end of the season to get answers, but for now we can watch this glorious bloodbath again and again until the show returns on Friday.

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